Shinobi Striker Names

Who says Naruto’s just for watching? Many anime have been adapted into different types of games now. From PC, Steam, game consoles like Playstation, Xbox- Naruto has indeed conquered the world. Needless to say, Shinobi Striker has become one of the most famous anime games. 

Playing Shinobi Striker is fun! It almost feels like you are inside the Naruto anime, you get to see Naruto, Sasuke and the rest of the squad being a part of your journey. As you will be building your own character, have you thought of the best name that will make you stand out? A name that you will keep all throughout the game?

It is just like thinking of the name of your first-born, generating a name in mind must be tough, and we are here to help! Today, we will talk over the Shinobi Striker names and how you can easily create one that fits you! 

Cool and Funny Shinobi names 

You might be a fan of Naruto, or Sasuke,  Sakura or Itachi- but wait a minute! Are you thinking of naming your character the same?

You need to hold back. Using common Naruto character’s  names will be a pain in the arse, as you’ll be running around people with the same name as you.

It is always better to be unique. With that, here’s some cool names I have found and why is it invigorating.

Male names:

  • Hattori Hanzo – The greatest and strongest ninja  from Iga. He was an expert tactician and swordsman in the Sengoku Era.
  • Fuma Kotaro – A ninja jonin and an army leader. His troops use guerilla warfare in clan fights.
  • Ishikawa Goemon – The Robinhood of Japan, and based on history recorded in Japan, was a thief from a samurai family.
  • Jinichi Kawakami – The Last ninja of Japan, learned ninjutsu at age of six and medical knowledge from the Sengoku period.

Female Names:

  • Tomoe Gozen – famous onna-musha (female warrior) in pre-modern Japan.
  • Makie Otono-Tachibana – a master swordsman in Blade of the Immortal Anime 
  • Mikasa – an exceptional soldier in Attack on Titan anime 
  • Chiyo – a renowned master of the Puppet technique in Naruto

Can’t agree more that the names above do not just sound cool, but they have strong backgrounds. If you want something humorous and amusing you can consider these names!

  • Babyface Ninja 
  • Hame Hame 
  • Shine Yowamushi
  • Niyuki 
  • Ochinko
  • FanBingbing 
  • Bakushi

You can search their meanings and you will know why!

Kakashi Sensei | Nonpareil (Naruto Various x Reader)

Hokage name generator

There are really lots of weird yet helpful things you will see on the Internet. Have you heard about the so-called name generators? These generators are very handy when it comes to name picking! You can even choose your future kids name here if you want to!

One of which you can use is the Rum and monkey name generator. Here, you will be asked a series of questions, from your hobbies, life choices and your personality. 

I was given the name of Akira Kurokawa. Sounds cool doesn’t it? Probably gonna use it as a codename soon! 

You can also use this image below on generating your own name. Just look for the counterpart of your initials and you will be able to get a random name. 

Mine is Shijiki!

What Is Your Ninja Name? | Ninja name, Name generator, First names

Of course, there are numerous name generators you can use for free and can be found online. If you’re having a hard time picking, might as well generate one using these tools.

How do you rename a Shinobi striker?

If you are playing this game and happened to read this article, you might have thought of changing your name because of how awesome our examples were. If you do not want to start anew, and lose your progress on your current character, here’s the two step guide:

First you need to go to the Ninja Tools Shop, under Purchase Consumable item, buy  the “Ninja Remake Scroll”. These costs 10000 ryo (Shinobi Striker currency), and nothing to worry, these coins can be earned in game so no need to spend real money.

Does Ninja Remake Delete Gender Specific Items? Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi  Striker - YouTube

This scroll sometimes was also given as battle and training rewards, so check it first on your items! 

Second, you need to go to the Inn. This is where you will find Sakura, and she will be assisting you on changing your character’s appearance, battle equipment, title, and other factors you want to modify. 

Since we are looking into renaming the character, you should choose “Ninja Remake” and you’ll see the register, type in your new name and you’re done! You now have your new name! 

Can you get Sharingan Shinobi Striker

Naruto: 7 Strongest Mangekyo Sharingan Users (& 7 Weakest) | CBR

One of the most notorious and best skills in the Naruto Series is having a Sharingan. These are eyes (or eye) that gives you different types of abilities such as instant copy of an opponent’s technique, gaining  incredible reflexes and perceptive abilities, and flame control, in Sasuke’s case. 

These are eyes exclusively, and only obtained genetically by the Uchiha clan. 

The good news is, in Shinobi Striker, you don’t need to be an Uchiha just to get this “eyeconic” ability. Having a Sharingan in-game is very beneficial especially in the hands of skilled players. 

It is not an easy feat to obtain this ability. You will need to go through training and spend time to complete various missions. 

What you need to do is to unlock VR Master Kakashi, complete special missions with him and take time to level him up. 

NTBSS: Paq. entrenamiento personaje maestro: Kakashi Hatake (Sharingan  doble)

Once missions are accomplished and your VR Master Kakashi is on level 3, the last thing you need to do is to talk to Sasuke, and you’ll be rewarded the infamous Sharingan skill. 

Can you play Madara in Shinobi Striker

NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER – NTBSS: Master Character Training Pack -  Madara Uchiha - Deku Deals

Being one of the legendary ninjas in Naruto, Uchiha Madara’s reveal in Shinobi Striker had been one of the most awaited. He was revealed as another Master Character you can train your abilities from.  

By availing his training pack, you will have access to weapons like the Madara’s Fan, a new avatar with Madara’s hair and new costumes based on this legend. 

You will have the chance to obtain and have the power of two Ninjutsu – the Majestic Destroyer Flame, Hiding in Ash Jutsu, and a secret technique called Heaven Concealed.

This is a good deal considering the low price. This is your chance to learn ninja moves from this notorious antagonist from Naruto Anime!

Will Shinobi Strikers have a Season 4?

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker screenshots, images and pictures - Giant  Bomb

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker was released August 30, 2018 and had 3 Seasons since then. This Multiplayer Online game was developed by Soleil Ltd and published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. 

On June 24 of the current year, they released the 4th Season’s pass revealing 5 new master characters on the pack. Also including a new secret technique: Super Uzumaki Rasengan (Attack Type) 

Here are the new Masters you can expect from the upcoming season:

  • Master Character Training Pack #24 – Sakura Haruno (Great Ninja War)
  • Master Character Training Pack #25 – Nagato (Reanimation)
  • Master Character Training Pack #26 – Itachi Uchiha (Reanimation)
  • Master Character Training Pack #27 – Sasuke Uchiha (Last Battle)
  • Master Character Training Pack #28 – Kawaki

If you haven’t played it yet, you are missing a lot! You can play it on different platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Steam. What are you waiting for?