Should i watch Boruto?

A lot of anime lovers can’t get enough of Naruto. Naruto had been part of some people’s childhood; it is as if we grew together as years goes by. And it seems like Kishimoto (author of the manga), knew that we will be asking for more, resulting to another series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

If you are a fan of the series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a must watch! Boruto is not just the son of Naruto, he also proves that he is someone who can be as legendary as his father! And one thing that makes Boruto series stand-out, is the fact that the characters we loved on the original series are also present, and we were able to see how their lives continued after Shippuden.

Is Boruto worth watching?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, was first premiered in Tokyo on April 5, 2017. Just like Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, it was aired once a week, and even got its own movie.

For those who had watched the prior Naruto series, this continuation is worth your time. You may think that the story outline is just the same but hold your horses – because it may be situated in the same Hidden Leaf Village, but the plot, outline and paces are totally different!

Being a die-hard Naruto fan, I also enjoyed watching Boruto as I got to see how Naruto runs the village as the Hokage, which was barely even shown in Naruto Shippuden. What makes it even more exciting is the new techniques and improved fight scenes!

What arcs should I watch in Boruto?

It is always best to watch an anime from the beginning to the end. As there are some key points that may be missed. But then again, if you are quite the busy person, who wants to watch the anime’s main arcs, here are some that is recommended.

Chunin exam arc

This arc had introduced the evolution of Konohagakure, under the reign of Uzumaki Naruto. It also showed the abilities and fights of the upcoming and hopeful ninjas. Compared to the past exam, this was more humane, and their lives are not at risk.

In these arc’s episodes, you will see how technology and science affected and developed the ability of the kids. They have different tools that was displayed and made their moves even stronger and faster.

Boruto’s cheating also became a controversial topic, as he had used a scientific tool called “kote” that was specifically banned on the exam by the Hokage. He was almost losing against his friend, and out of frustration, he used this tool to summon additional clones.

In the end, he was still caught and Boruto was disqualified.

Versus Momoshiki Arc

One of the greatest fights in the history of the series! You got to see Sasuke and Naruto joining forces to beat Momoshiki. You will also see how Naruto almost sacrificed himself for the safety of the village. Always a hero, is he?

Kawaki Arc

Kawaki is considered as the nemesis of our main, Boruto. On this arc, it will display huge character developments and of course, fight scenes like no other!

Sarada Uchiha Arc

This arc will introduce you to Sarada Uchiha, daughter of Sasuke and Sakura. This household had been one of the most anticipated backstory, as this is the family of two main characters in Naruto.

It will also bring lots of emotional scenes as this is more on the Uchiha family life.

Parent and Child Day Arc

And lastly, the arc focusing on the three families – Uzumaki, Uchiha, and Akimichi. This almost feel like a slice of life anime as it is very refreshing and heart-warming.

Which episodes should I skip in Boruto?

Since you are talking about an anime series, there will always be filler episodes. Those episodes are like refreshers, more on entertainment for the fans so you can either take it, or just leave it.

For your information, these episodes do not really affect the story outline itself. So, you can skip without missing so much! Here’s the list of the filler episodes:

16-18, 40-41, 48-50, 59, 61, 67-69, 93-97, 105-111, 113-114, 116-119, 138-140, 155-156, 192.

Is Boruto a flop?

Naruto being one of the sought-after anime series of all time, people can’t help but compare the two series to each other. We all know that Boruto may be derived from the legendary series, but of course, they will focus more on the new protagonists and new generation – as its title suggests.

Some considers Boruto as flop, as it did not gain much popularity as the original series. While some agree that people who says it is a flop just want to have more of Naruto, Sasuke and the rest of the old cast.

Though one of the things I personally did not like about Boruto series was when they are trying to resurrect dead characters from the Naruto series. It just ruins the legends and felt like our tears are wasted, the fact that these fallen heroes suddenly was ressurected spoils the old series.

And most importantly, how they made Naruto and Sasuke weak compared to the new kids. This was sespecially shown in the fight agains Momoshiki. Losing Naruto’s Kurama and Sasuke’s Rinnegan which are their trademarks.

It would be best if they will focus more on the kids without making the old characters seem low and dull. Like hey, Is Naruto and Sasuke a joke to you?

Is Boruto as good as Naruto Shippuden

The Naruto Shippuden series is a very tough opponent to beat. It had been on the ranks ever since it was animated and comparing this world-renowned anime to the amateurish plot of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the former is superior.

Naruto Shippuden showed how the protagonist did his best, from someone who was forlorn and isolated, the underdog of the squad, to achieving his ultimate goal in his life, being the greatest Hokage to be recognized by the village.

In addition to the series being more realistic and inspiring, the characters in Shippuden seems to be more interesting, everybody has his or her own story to tell, when in Boruto, the side characters was not usually given enough screen time, other than the filler episodes.

Boruto’s early years contrasts with his dad’s life. He excels in school, got a lot of friends, he was even powerful at a young age! Learning different techniques and getting a Karma seal!

In conclusion, Naruto Shippuden is still better than Boruto when it comes to the plot and preparation. And we cannot deny without the old characters in Shippuden, Boruto have lesser support from fans.

How to watch Boruto?

You can watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations on different streaming platforms such as Viu, Hulu and Crunchyroll. There’s no time to lose! Watch it now and share your thoughts!