Star Wars license plate ideas

Star Wars is highly popular for several good reasons, including a great story and innovative marketing. For those amazing reasons, it is no surprise that it successfully captured countless people’s hearts. 

Interestingly, some fans push their love for Star Wars to a whole new level — incorporating Star Wars into their license plates. Well, why not? After all, some fans are too dedicated and come up with witty and funny license plate ideas that bring joy to people who see them. 

Check out some of the amazing Star Wars license plate ideas that can also help you come up with yours. Explore them below. 

darth vader license plate ideas

Undeniably, Darth Vader is one of the most appealing characters in Star Wars. For that reason, he successfully made his place in the interest of many. Some even admired the character to the point that it is evident on their license plates. 

Dark Side Empire

Star Wars license plate ideas

Dark Side Empire license plate design is stunning and appealing. Due to that appeal, it can come as a witty design for those who can see it, especially Star Wars fans. An example of the license plate design presents a colorful background with Darth Vader on the side — making it funny and amazing at the same time. 


Star Wars license plate ideas

Welcome to the dark side — sounds evil? Definitely, it is a witty license plate idea that reminds fanatics of Star Wars. After all, you can only hear it in Star Wars, right? Not just it is witty, but one of the most chilling quotes from there. 


Star Wars license plate ideas

For sure, it will be cool to see who actually got lucky to have a D VADER Star Wars license plate. Well, hoping that it is a fan because many spend hours thinking about how they can create funny license plates. That’s when online forums are totally helpful! 

stormtrooper license plate ideas

Stormtroopers are a beloved icon in Star Wars. No wonder there are license plate ideas about it. Following are some witty ideas that can inspire you.  


Star Wars license plate ideas

EMP1RE license plate design is shared as an idea of a Californian who came up with several ideas that connect his license plate to the stormtrooper. The reason? Well, his car reminds him of the stormtrooper since his car has a white plate and black grill. That said, it is safe to say that he really wants to incorporate Star Wars more to him. Now, that’s wit and dedication in one. 


If BLAST EM got its countless meme, there’s no way it won’t be a license plate idea. Well, it is so fun and witty that it actually reminds us of the stormtrooper. It is a popular stormtrooper license plate idea on Reddit, and someone got lucky having it already. 


0 HITS; it is another stormtrooper-theme popular meme. Of course, if it is a meme idea, there’s no way that it won’t be a license plate idea. As too funny as it might sound, it is indeed used already by a car owner. Thus, it is already unavailable. With that, it is a challenge for you to come up with a witty stormtrooper-theme license plate. You can use it to prove your love for it. 

millennium falcon license plate ideas

While the Millennium Falcon is only a fictional starship in Star Wars, it is a legend to huge fanatics. That’s evident in the popular millennium falcon license plate ideas. Check out some that can inspire you below:  


Star Wars license plate ideas

Definitely, this millennium falcon license plate design is not lowkey. This surely shows love for Star Wars. Well, why hide it when you can show it? That’s the fun part. And it is evident in the store reviews about this plate. 


Star Wars license plate ideas

With some great luck, someone actually got a HANSOLO FALCON. It is a proud moment that you can see the actual license plate posted online. If you love Star Wars, seeing proof of its popularity is funny and interesting at the same time.  


MFALCON is another millennium falcon license plate idea that is great to see from afar on the road. With cool designs, it can surely cause a strike of joy to fellow Star Wars fans. 

star wars personalized license plate ideas

Surely, when it comes to expressing fandom, Star Wars fans can be on top. That’s why you’ll see several references to come up with yours to show your enthusiasm about it. Here are some funny personalized license plate ideas:


Star Wars license plate ideas

Actually, the license plate is just FORCE BE, and the other words are just added on top and bottom because why not? It is funny since someone got real luck and secured the license plate design. The ability to make the most out of the gaps to get the MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU message complete is a real wit. 


ORDER66 and Ord3r 66 are already used. According to the owner, the plate is evidence of what era he enjoyed in Star Wars. That’s commendable and real love. To be precise, he especially loves the Sith and the Empire. 


Of course, who would forget the Death Star in Star Wars? The Empire’s ultimate weapon always has the spotlight. As a matter of fact, DTHSTAR is a top suggestion for Star Wars personalized license plate ideas. The funny thing is many suggested that — showing how fanatics know Star Wars very well. 

yoda license plate ideas

Star Wars license plate ideas? Of course, there is also Yoda. After all, Yoda is one of the most iconic figures and is legendary. It is no surprise that there are many Yoda license plate ideas. Check out some funny and witty ideas that can inspire you below: 


Star Wars license plate ideas

Having a Toyota and loving Yoda is a great coincidence. TOY YODA is a funny and cute Yoda license plate idea. When you see it, you might find it hard to take your eyes off it. What makes it funny is it is not a forced Star Wars license plate concept. 


Star Wars license plate ideas

BBYODA license plate’s owner shared the story online. There is even a picture. The owner is dressed in a t-shirt with Yoda printed on it. Well, there’s nothing more to hide when you get a Yoda-inspired license plate. That’s being a true fan! What a fun story. 


Star Wars license plate ideas

Sure, YODA I AM license plate hints at that favorite character of the car owner. It is fun to always spot Star Wars license plate ideas, which proves the love of many people for the films. 

cool star wars license plates

It doesn’t hurt to show love for Star Wars through cool license plates, especially when there is a way to do it. The cool custom license plates below prove the love of many to the galaxy far, far away. 


Star Wars license plate ideas

JEDI IAM and even the A-JEDI license plate owner keep cool and courage by not hiding from the Empire. You already know which side they profess their allegiance to. What a fun and interesting conclusion, right?


Star Wars license plate ideas

STARWRZ license plate has little changes that make it look cooler and funnier. That’s why custom license plates are fun to see. The way they mirror the owners are incredibly entertaining. 


Star Wars license plate ideas

If there are car owners that profess allegiance to Jedi, it is obvious that there are also people who embrace the dark side. The cool SITH license plate design proves it.