Everything You Need to Know about Thierry Tilly

The story of Thierry Tilly seemingly came out of nowhere but somehow managed to bring the entire world to a standstill. At first, it was almost unbelievable that an oxford guru would dupe a whole aristocratic family out of their fortune. But after the details began emerging, the entire world came to understand, and to some extent revere the power that a trained professional can have as a result of mastering the art of hypnosis. Before we delve into the details, let’s kick things off by unmasking the man behind the hoax. Who is Thierry Tilly?

Who is Thierry Tilly

Thierry Tilly is a French-born Oxford Guru who somehow managed to infiltrate a rich family and made them bankrupt within a short period through hypnosis and mind control. While most people didn’t believe it at first, the details that came out as soon as the court proceedings started made the situation much more believable, and scary.

Mr. Tilly

The guru was born in Bois-Colombes, a city situated northwest of Paris in 1964. He lived a pretty normal life and after his senior year in high school, Mr. Tilly joined college to pursue a law degree. Unfortunately, his dreams of becoming a lawyer didn’t come to fruition as he dropped out only a few months after joining.

The 57-year-old Thierry Tilly then went ahead to do a few odd jobs to make ends meet. That’s when he met the love of his life and tied the knot shortly afterward.  After a few years, Mr. Tilly met with one of the members of the de Vedrines family and the rest made TV history.

What was the relationship between Thierry Tilly and the de Vedrines family?

According to sources, Mr. Tilly met with a member of the de Vedrines family who introduced him to the other remaining ten members. Due to his silver tongue, Mr. Tilly managed to convince the de Vedrines that their lives were in danger because of a secretive sect that wanted to kill them for their fortune. He also told them that he was the only one who could keep them safe.

Mr. tilly also convenience the family members to let go of their financial advisers because he believed they were in cohorts with their enemies. He also made them believe that he could do a much better job at managing their huge estate and they believed him.

de Vedrine Family

One by one, the members of the de Vedrines family moved to Oxford where Mr. Tilly had them under his thumb for a few years.

Their lifestyle, which included a lot of partying and lavish spending came to an abrupt stop and that caused the public to raise a few eyebrows. The latter led to a lawsuit that saw Mr. Tilly convicted by a Bordeaux court for his crimes in the early 2000s.

Why did Thierry Tilly shift his base from France to England?

As soon as Thierry Tilly realized that the long arm of the law was about to catch up with him, he was quick to shift bases from France to England in the hopes that he wouldn’t get nabbed. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out according to plans because Interpol did a fine job apprehending him and flying him back to France where he was charged and the de Vedrines family finally got their justice.

Did they ever make a movie about Thierry Tilly?

After Thierry Tilly’s dramatic trial and arrest, the world couldn’t help but stay mesmerized by how a school dropout could manage to swindle an entire family of their millions of euros so easily. The kind of mystery that surrounded that case led to the creation of a movie that was based around the rather interesting life of Thierry Tilly.

The TV movie dubbed Wicked Game is about a French provincial family that falls under the spell of a manipulator. The setting of the movie was in 1997, which was just around the time Mr. Tilly was introduced to the de Vedrines family. A character named Thomas Texier plays the role of Mr. Tilly and does it quite convincingly.

Mr. Tilly before being arrested

Some of the names attached to this movie include Anne Consigny as Isabelle De Lassy, Laurent Stocker as Thomas Texier, Michele LA Roque as Helene De Lassy, Philippe Rosemont as Gerard Anger, and Edith Scob as Madeleine De Lassy, among others. If you find the story of Mr. Tilly and the de Vedrines family interesting and haven’t watched this movie, I highly recommend that you find the time to do so.

Is Thierry Tilly currently in jail?

Mr. Tilly was found guilty of violence against the weak, fraud, and holding the vulnerable against their will for close to a week. With such charges leveled against him. Mr. Tilly was jailed for up to eight years in prison and without bail or possible parole. During his entire sentence, Mr. Tilly refused to do any interviews as well as take up any legal counsel. Mr. tilly is still in jail at the time of writing this piece.