Tom Burke’s Wife

Marie Burke, Tom Burke’s wife, was one of the most influential actresses of her time. Her career spun well over a couple of decades and that allowed her to bless more generations with her talent. While Marie Burke was one of the most talented women on the big screen, very little is known about her personal life. That said, here are a handful of things you may not have known about the late, but still legendary Marie Burke:

What did Tom Burke’s wife do for a living?

Marie burke was an actress who made her debut on the silver screen after securing a role on the 1919 hit ‘help! Help! Police!’ project which introduced her to the masses. And because of her amazing looks and even charming character, Marie Burke secured yet another role a year later. That was in the 1920’s ‘His House in Order’. Before that, Marie Burke made a few appearances on stage from 1917 before getting her big break three years later.

Marie Burke

Once again, Marie Burke made a killing of her role and that was when doors opened for the young, budding actress. The English woman did her absolute best and was always dedicated to her roles. The latter explains why she continuously got roles until the moment she was too old to be on the screen. By then, Marie Burke had close to the seventy-one movie and TV credits to her name; a feat that many thespians of today could only dream of.

Some of the most notable movie credits include Embattled (2020), Passengers (2016), The Rise of Jennie Cushing (1917), The New York Idea (1920), Remodeling Her Husband (1920), Dark Lantern (1920), Without Fear (1922), Slim Shoulders (1922), Evidence (1922), The Heart Raider (1923), The Flanagan Boy (1953), Odette (1951), The Lavender Hill Mob (1951), The Madness of The Heart (1949), Warning to Wantons (1949), After the Ball (1932), and Unmasked (1929), just to mention a few.

Even after her eventual passing in 1988 at the ripe age of 93, Hollywood producers continued using her voice and other materials in their movies. The latest movie to incorporate Marie Burke’s voice was in 2020’s Embattled movie. The latter only goes to show how talented she was from her early days up until she officially retired in 1971.

Apart from being a great actress, Marie Burke was also a trained operatic singer (learned in Italy). She also did a few TV Series between 1953 and 1969. Needless to say, Marie Burke also did a great job and showed the same kind of dedication in everything that she did.

Did Tom Burke’s wife have any children?

He and Marie met while they were both studying in Milan and fell deeply in love. Their union resulted in one daughter, Patricia Burke. It wasn’t surprising when Patricia grew up to follow in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a singer and actress. Patricia was born in Milan.

patricia Burke

What’s the cause of Marie Burke’s death?

While everyone, especially those who are invested in the movie industry knows all about Marie Burke, not much was said about her cause of death. But taking into consideration her ripe age, it’s safe to assume that she passed away due to natural courses. According to the information on Wikipedia, Marie Burke died on the21st of March 1988. There aren’t any records online about her funeral, which is safe to assume it was a small, private ceremony attended by close friends and family.

Who was Tom Burke?

Tom Burke was the lawfully wedded husband of the legendary Marie Burke. Unlike his famous wife made a lot of ripples in both the singing and acting world, Tom only stayed on his lane for the most part, which was an opera toner. But, that didn’t mean he didn’t get to do his thing and thrive at it.

Tom Burke

Thomas Burke, which was his birth name, was born in Lancashire in the United Kingdom sometime in 1890. He was so talented in what he did that he even sang at the Royal Opera House between 1919 and 1920. The latter came about after tom took the time to train in both Britain and Italy. While he focused on his recording career, which was almost as long as his wife’s acting career, tom made a few appearances on the big screen.

Some of the most famous movies that Tom Burke made an appearance in include My Irish Molly, Should A Husband Forgive, and Kathleen Mavourneen among many others. Even though he didn’t have any formal training in theatre, Tom Burke’s performances remain to be legendary.

Tom burke passed away on the 13th of September 1969 in the small town of Carshalton in the United Kingdom. The opera singer died almost two decades before his wife died. Even after Tom Burke’s passing, his legendary work is still celebrated to this day. Anyone interested can always check YouTube for some of his legendary work for absolutely free.