How to play trolls UNO? Rules and Point Distribution

Trolls UNO is the fun version of classic Uno which has the amazing and engaging character of Trolls. Along with playing the game, the players get to tour the beautiful world of Trolls. 

This is a game for kids above 7 years where the basic rules are the same as the classic UNO. The players have to get rid of all the cards they have in hand by matching the cards with the discard pile either by the number shown or by the color. 

Trolls UNO by Dreamwork is not only a great game to play, but it is also an amazing gift item for kids you know. 

What are the basic rules of trolls UNO?

The basic rules of Trolls UNO are not that different from the traditional UNO. Players have to shuffle the cards among themselves. 

Each player will get an equal amount of cards. The players have to play according to the color or the number shown on the display pile. 

If the players don’t have any matching cards, they can draw from the draw pile or pass their turn. 

Before playing the final card, the player has to say UNO just like it is done in the traditional UNO. 

In case the player doesn’t mention UNO before playing their last card, they will get a penalty. But the condition is, other players have to notice it. 

If none of the players notices it and the player sitting next to the person who forgot to say UNO, plays their card, then that specific player will not get any penalty.

If any player notices it and brings it to everyone’s attention, then that player has to draw two more cards from the draw pile. 

After each round, scores will be counted. The player who reaches 500 points at first, combining all the rounds, will win the game. 

How to play Trolls UNO? 

At first, the players have to choose a dealer. It can be done in a fun way.

In order to choose a dealer, the players have to draw cards and the player with the highest face value will get to be the dealer.

So for example, if 7 players are playing and each player draws a card from face value 0 to 9, the player with the number 9 will get to be the dealer.

The dealer shuffles the cards and distributes them among the players. Each player will get 7 cards. 

The remaining cards will be kept on the deck. There will be two piles, one for drawing and one for discarding. 

One card will be displayed from the discarded pile. The player sitting on the left side of the dealer will start the game. The game will continue clockwise. 

The players have to play the card either by matching the number displayed on the top of the discarded pile or by the color displayed. 

If the player doesn’t have the matching color or number, then they can play a wild card. If they don’t have a wild card then they will have to draw another card from the pile. 

Now, if the drawn card still doesn’t match the color displayed on the pile, then the player will have to pass their turn and the next player will continue. 

In the case of wild cards, the immediate player has to follow the directions of the wild card.

For example, if a player plays “draw two cards or wild draw 4”, the person sitting next left to the player will have to draw cards.

On the other hand, if a player plays “skip” then the immediate next player will lose his or her chance and one next to that player will play. So for example, if the second player plays the skip card, then the 3rd player won’t be able to play. 

When a  player will play the “reverse card” the game will be turned and played anti-clockwise instead of clockwise. 

Are there any special cards in Trolls UNO?

Trolls UNO has one special card called the “Wild Tiny Diamond’s Mixtape Card.” When a player plays this card, the next player will have to draw one card from all the player’s hands.

In this case, all the players will get rid of one card except for the one sitting next to the person playing this card. 

As this is a wild card, the player playing it will get to choose the color as the game continues. 

What is the scoring system?

Once a player finishes all the cards in hand, points will be counted. For all draw 2, reverse and skip, 20 points are reserved. For wild cards, 50 points are reserved. 

The player who reaches 500 points first will win the race. Another way is, once a player reaches 500 points, the player with the least number of points will win the game. 

Because of these fascinating rules and the lovely characters of the Trolls, this version of UNO is cherished by all. The game has undoubtedly become more enjoyable.