Tsunade True Form

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Tsunade, one of the legendary Sanin along with Jiraiya and the exiled Orochimaru, has always been a prominent character in the Naruto universe. With many perks to her character such as having an overwhelmingly brutal fighting style coupled with the boon of being able to heal someone using medicinal chakra techniques, her character has never been one to shy away from the spotlight.

Tsunade true form is much older than she really is because of how her overflowing chakra is able to manipulate her cell growth. Her incredible healing chakra is able to sustain even her complexion, allowing her to be able to maintain her youthful appearance despite being the same age as her colleague, Jiraiya.

What is Tsunade’s True Form?

Tsunade’s genes are composed of both Uzumaki and Senju DNA. This means that her genetic make-up grants her an incredible amount of viatlity and life force as well as giving her a major boost in strength. Because of her overflowing life energy, she is able to look young without having to modify her features artificially. Her overbearing amount of chakra also gives her a way to sustain herself in extended fights; a feat which even Jiraiya is not capable of.

Having said all of these, Tsunade’s “true form” is simply her appearance when she is not using a beautification technique unlike Jiraiya who is rather proud of his aged appearance.

What is Tsunade’s Age?

Comparing her to her colleague Jiraiya and former friend Orochimaru, we can see that Tsunade is rather young but her appearance is actually older than the two.

This is because her healing techinque, Creation Rebirth, abuses her body significantly, to the point where it causes her cells to go into overdrive. Jiraiya also makes note that using this technique significantly shortens Tsunade’s lifespan since its driving catalyst is to literally overwork your cells.

Why is Tsunade so Old?

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It has been established in the fandom that Tsunade is in her 50s but plenty people still ask why does she look older than that. That is a perfectly valid question; one that admittedly do not have a lot of answers.

Lady Tsunade’s actual appearance maybe closer to that of Lady Koharu who is in her early 70s. But that’s still quite old even when compared to her groupmates, Orochimaru and Jiraiya.

First off, Orochimaru is a science wizard able to alter modifiy bodies to his will. It would make sense if he were able to make himself look younger through these methods thereby helping him maintain his quite literally porcelain complexion.

Then, we have Jiraiya. Jiraoya isn’t someone to be shy of his aged looks. In fact, many people would argue that he’s in shape and very virile despite his age. He would be the best example to scale Lady Tsuande with when it come to looking like their ages since Jiraiya-sensei doesn’t really use any jutsu or technique to alter his looks.

Now, based upon our observations above, we can then infer that the only way Lady tsunade is maintaining here youthful glow is by using a technique to help her look younger than she really is.

This technique is something called the “Pinnacle of Medical Ninjutsu” which help maintain her appearance by using her incredible chakra pool. We only ever see Lady Tsuande in her true appearance when she’s tapped out or depleted her chakra reserves. The main reason why she is said to look older than her actual age is because of her technique which allows her cell to facilitate voluntary replicaltion thus putting a strain on the developing cells which in turn ages the body.

This technique puts such a strain on her body that every time she heals someone, her cells go into overdrive. Since her catalyst for healing is her own body, it’s no wonder that Jiraiya-sensei speculated that Tsunade is shortening her lifespan by choosing to help people when and where she could.

How Old is Tsunade in Boruto?

Lady Tsunade, as we all know, is one of the Hidden Leaf Village’s Legendary Sannin, along with Jiraiya sensei and other members. She is a descendant of both the Uzumaki and Senju lines which gives her amazing boons in vitality, life force, and brute strength. The repeated loss of those she held dear is what drove her to become the Fifth Hokage whe her skills and healing prowess proved invaluable to the village.

Tsuande, during the events of the original Naruto up until Naruto Shippuden, has been speculated to have been in her 50s. This means that she would be somewhere in her 70s when we see he in Boruto.

Fans may miss her ramapging with her strength as she hasn’t been seen much in the new iteration of Boruto. Naturally, she still looks as young as ever thank to all the chakra she has been able to stockpile after the end of the war.