Ugly Naruto Characters

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One of the incredibly fun things about anime that feature a huge cast is that the audience and watchers get to see a uniquely designed cast of characters that will help portray the story. Sometimes, the term “unique” may be used a tad more loose when it comes to certain characters however.

The cast of Naruto feature a great number of amazingly designed characters that help push the narrative forward one way or another. Be that as it may, there are some ugly Naruto characters that fans just outright despise like Orochimaru, Danzo, or even Sakura in some parts of the series.

Ugly Naruto Characters


Naruto is a story that spans a total of 26 seasons, 720 episodes. These episodes feature plenty of compelling and well-written villains, and it also features Danzo. Danzo is a power-hungry cowardly brat who manipulated a child to massacre his family, and proceeded to augment his arm with the eyes of the victims. This heinous act was not absolved even after the anime gave him a backstory unfortunately and the fans despised his character.


Some people really just aren’t fit to become parents, let alone marry someone to be able to start a family. Such is the case of Rasa. His own wife and child were nothing but experiment fodder for him to be able to study on how to seal a Jinchuriki inside a human body. When he failed, his plan b was to massacre his child. No wonder Gaara was so broken.

Sakura Haruno

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Fans of the anime have always had polarized opinions when it comes to Sakura but one side seems to dislike her character because she is seen as someone weak and selfish. Many people also despise her wanton and seemingly unreasonable hatred for Naruto as well as her narrow mindedness about why Sasuke wants revenge on the people who wanted his clan gone. In short, she doesn’t know how to emotionally support anyone but herself.

Boruto Uzumaki

At this point, it’s common knowledge that Boruto just doesn’t get the same love and fame as his father. Many fans just see Boruto as a spoiled kid especially when comparing his struggles to the trials and adventures his father had to overcome. Whereas Naruto wouldn’t have batted an eyelash if anyone didn’t remember his birthday, Boruto would whine and sulk. Where Naruto would willingly fail the Chunin Exams if the instructors said so, Boruto would find ways to cheat and get the easy way out. All in all, Boruto isn’t just as lovable as his father.

Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya is infamous for fans and neutral spectators alike as the ultimate villain of Naruo. Her infamy however isn’t due to her behavior or design, rather it stems from how she is so awkwardly placed in the timeline and how convoluted her arc is that not even the most die-hard fan can give you a concise explanation about it.

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Sarutobi is famous for being the Third Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. But fans should not forget that he is also the man responsible for why Naruto had to grow up as an orphan and why Sasuke had to live alone far away from his clan after they were massacred. Put bluntly, he is the reason why and how Naruto and Sasuke were so damaged.

Is Naruto Ugly?

Many people would say that Naruto definitely has his appeal, especially to people who are into blonde boys with blue eyes. Many are also starstruck whenever he smiles but how does he actually fare when it comes to his peers in the anime.

His peers don’t often refer to him as someone who is “handsome” (save for Hinata, of course), and people would often look to Sasuke or even Neji when talking about attractiveness or charm. Naruto simply doesn’t stand out since he attracts attention in a negative way especially in his youth which is why ladies seem to stay away from him. 

Naruto is only ever deemed ugly since he acts immature and annoying at times but that is enough for people, not just the ladies to keep him at arm’s length at all times.

Who is the Ugliest Girl in Naruto?

The ladies in the anime seem to be more linear in their designs compared to the men. Because of this, no one can really say that there is an “ugly girl” in Naruto, just that the characters themselves call others ugly. An example of this would be when Sai first met Sakura and Ino, his wife to be, and called both of them ugly despite their character designs resembling that of an average female.

There can be any number of discussions about who the ugliest girl in Naruto is but it would be safe to assume that since their female design is almost always interpreted the same way, all of them or none of them can be called “ugly” based on their features.

Why does Sakura Think Naruto is Ugly?

One great misconception about Sakura’s perception of Naruto is that he always treats him as if he’s ugly. Sakura never thought, let alone told Naruto he was ugly. She thought he was annoying because he was simple minded and immature. You can’t really blame Sakura for thinking this as well since when they were kids, Naruto would try to stalk and trick Sakura into giving him a kiss.