How to play Uno Attack Mega Hit with Game Launcher

Uno is one of the most popular card games around the world that everyone enjoys. Starting from children to full-grown adults love spending time playing this fun card game at home and during their breaks. Today we will learn the rules about how to play Uno Attack Mega Hit.

We all know the basics of Uno and we also know that the game is full of house rules but let’s stick to the official rules. After shuffling and dealing the cards to the players, place the discard pile into the card launcher facing down. If you cannot play because you do not have a card to play instead of picking a card from the discard pile you press the card launcher button.

After pressing the button of the card launcher your turn ends if no cards come out. The launcher makes a sound upon pressing the button signaling that it was pressed correctly. When you press the button and no cards come out that ends your turn, but if you press the button and cards shoot out, then you have to add the cards to your collection and end your turn.

New Types of Cards to know about

Discard All tosses all the cards of the same color in your hand into the discard pile. When you play the Discard All card you have to place all the other cards in your hand of the same color on top of the discard all card. It’s a very useful card when you really need it and gets your hands free very quickly. If the Discard All card is flipped as the very first card of the game from the discard pile, then the power of the card is disregarded and considered as a normal colored card.

The Hit 1 card makes the next player in line press the launcher once regardless if they had cards to play or not. The Hit 2 card has the same rule but instead of once, the next player presses the button twice. If any card is shot out of the launcher the player that pressed the button must add them to their pile of cards. After that, the player’s turn is over, and play resumes as usual. If a hit card is the first flipped for the game, then the player left of the dealer must press the launcher button the correct number of times.

The Wild Attack Attack card is a wild card that can be played at any moment of the game. When you play the Wild Attack Attack card you have two attack options against the other players. First, you have the power to choose the color the game continues in, and second, you choose a player who would press the launcher button twice. 

Rules and Regulations for Uno Attack Mega Hit

When a player plays a hit card or wild Attack Attack card against you, you have the option to repel that move by playing a hit card or wild Attack Attack card on top of that, making it into a Mega Hit stack. You don’t have to press the launcher, instead of the next player either has to play a hit card or wild Attack Attack card or they must press the launcher button the total number of times the Mega Hit stack indicates altogether.

If a game begins with a wild Attack Attack card being flipped first then the player to the left of the dealer must hit the launcher twice or begin a Mega Hit stack.

Whenever the launcher is required to be pressed multiple times and the cards start shooting out before you finished pressing the launcher the required number of times, then you gather up the cards and the remaining hits are forfeited. The game moves on to the next player.

After resolving a Mega Hit stack, the play continues from the next player in the current direction of play from the player who first initiated the Mega Hit stack.

If a player is penalized for not saying Uno then they must press the launcher twice. If the discard pile becomes large enough, reshuffle the deck except for the top cards inside the launcher and reload the launcher. If someone presses the launcher and the launcher has cards sticking out of the launcher then the player who pressed it last must take those cards and add them to their hand.

If you do not play a card on your turn then you must press the launcher once. If you make suggestions to anyone of what to play next, then you would be penalized and will have to press the launcher four times.

Point Distribution for Uno Attack Mega Hit

After finishing the game the points for the new cards are given below,

  • Hit 1 Card carries: 20 Points 
  • Discard All Card carries: 30 Points 
  • Hit 2 Card Carries: 40 Points 
  • Wild Attack Attack Card Carries: 50 Points