UNO Blank Card Ideas

UNO is a fun card game that most people in different age groups can play. The types of cards utilized in the game are unique; however, blank cards are the particular card that is rarely talked about.

A UNO blank card is a card where UNO players can write their own rules with. Players can also use them to replace a card for a damaged or missing UNO card. 

The blank cards can put a UNO player into an advantage against their opponents quickly. Still, it is not a guaranteed win if you use one.

Balancing the game for everyone should also be considered. That’s why players put rules in the blank cards that are not game-breaking and only for entertainment.

uno blank card guide

What are Blank Cards Used For?

UNO players use blank cards to create small additional game rules. The blank cards are useless by themselves and can’t do anything initially.

Standard rules such as ‘draw 10 cards’ are written to tell a player what to do next. The rules are also made at the beginning of a UNO game session.

Generally, a blank UNO card is used for erasing another player’s cards. The purpose is to take it from their hand and set it aside not to be used for the whole duration of the game.

Still, it is not an established official rule. It is what most UNO players think about blank card utilization in a game.

Another common usage for blank cards is for making a card wild. For example, you can name a card in your hand, and you can declare it as a wild card and say that you can do anything. 

Some UNO players also used the blank card for ‘ghost rounds.’ It is a twist for the game where all the lights are turned off.

The reason is for them not to see what each of them is playing. It is also done for five turns.

If a player has a card that doesn’t correspond to the number or color, they will be out of the game.

A player will also be labeled as ‘Ghost king’ when they play the card and get rid of two cards as a reward. It is applicable even when that player made a mistake in the ghost round. 

As for the other purpose of the blank card, they can serve as a replacement for a missing card. It is not a problem for most UNO players because they can print another copy of the missing card anyway.

uno blank card guide

What Do You Put on a Blank UNO Card?

UNO players can put any possible rule in a UNO blank card. It is not required to use the same rules whenever playing the game.

The purpose of the blank card is to add more fun to the game. However, if you have no idea what to put in a blank card, then you can get ideas from some of the examples below:

a. Steal Turn

The Steal turn is a simple and one of the most common rules to put in a blank card. Using this card will allow its user to steal a turn from a specific player.

It can help a player who’s at a disadvantage to have a chance at improving their game status. Players can do it anytime in the whole duration of the game.

b. Fortune’s Gift

As for this rule, players must guess what the top card is and what color it has. If the player guessed correctly, they would have to discard at least three cards from their hand along with the top drawn UNO card. 

Next, players would need to shuffle the deck and return in the middle. When the player has a wrong guess, they will place the ‘fortune’s gift’ and the top card in the middle of the deck once more.

c. Black Hole

All of the players’ cards are shuffled and put in a pile for the black hole rule, just as a black hole will take everything around it. After that, The player will give the same number of cards as before to each player.

The rotation will now then start with the blank card user. Now, the cards have been reset, and the balance is shifted amongst all the players.

d. Paradigm Shift

The paradigm shift is another exciting yet straightforward rule. It is where each player will swap hands with another player next to them.

The swap will take place according to the direction of the game. For example, if players have a clockwise direction of the current game, you will have to swap with the player on your left and vice-versa.

e. Hand of God

It is a conditional rule where a player can only use this when they have 9 or more cards in their hand. The players should count it before using the blank card with the ‘Hand of God.’ 

Then, the player who uses the blank card will have to remove five cards from their hand. However, the ‘Hand of God’ will have no effect whatsoever if the person who picked it has 8 or fewer cards in their possession.

f. Roulette

The famous Russian roulette inspires the name of the rule. It is where all UNO players will have to choose a card and then pile them up to be shuffled after. 

The one who picked the blank card with this rule will then choose one card from the pile. The owner of the chosen card will draw three cards. For similar cards owned by 2 or more players, they have to draw 2 cards instead.

After the said players have finished drawing cards, the cards in a pile are returned to players who initially owned them. 

g. Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the trade are when the user swaps two cards they chose with the other player they want. The 2 cards will have to be a random pick.

When the player that the user picks has only one card, the user will get a single card and give two cards to the chosen player.

uno blank card guide

How Many Blank Cards are there in Uno?

There are only 4 blank cards included in each UNO card pack. Blank cards add more fun to the game because you can include specific rules.

Having only 4 blank cards is what UNO has provided for its players. Having too many rules in the game will make more players not play the game.

The restriction is enough to make the game balanced while also providing entertainment to all of its players.

uno blank card guide

What Are Some Good UNO Blank Card Rules?

Aside from blank wild cards, there are rules in UNO that make the game more enjoyable to play. An example is a rule where any player can play Identical cards.

When a player has the same card for the last play, you can play it whenever. Another good UNO blank card rule is to keep drawing cards.

A player will not play a card when it is their turn and will continue drawing cards from the deck. It will continue until the player can get a card that they can play.

Interruption from other players will also stop the current player from drawing cards from the deck. The interruption will only happen if another player uses another rule.