Uno extreme rules

The Uno extreme is the updated and latest version of the traditional Uno that everyone loves to play.

Uno Extreme comes with a beautiful card shooter and a set of Extreme Hit cards. The game is continued, with the help of the card shooter.

The shooter of Uno extreme shoots random cards which makes the game more exciting and entertaining.

Uno itself is unpredictable as no one knows what the next player is going to play or which cards are going to come out from the discard pile. Uno Extreme further enhances the excitement by making different kinds of sounds out of the machine.

The machine of Uno extreme gives extra storage space where you’ll be able to store all of your extreme hit cards. 

What is the difference between the UNO attack and the Uno extreme?

The basic mechanism of Uno extreme and Uno attack is the same. Both games have a shooter which launches the card. 

But Uno extreme is the latest version which comes with the exciting Uno Extreme Hit cards. 

The extreme launcher has the option of making different kinds of sounds whereas the Uno attack can only make one sound.

Except for that, the basic rules are the same. Uno extreme has some special cards which make the game even more exciting. 

Some basic rules of UNO extreme

The basic rules of Uno extreme are the same as the Uno attack and regular Uno. Each player gets 7 cards and the remaining cards go inside the launcher. Besides the basic rules, there are some special rules.

Those are:

  • Reneging: Under this rule, the player can restrain from using one of his playable cards. Instead, he needs to press the button of the launcher. This will indicate that his turn is over and the game will continue. 
  • Penalties: if a player suggests another player plays a card then he or she has to press the launcher 4 times. 

Two players: When only two players are playing, the following rules have to be followed:

  • A reversed card will play the role of a skip card. 
  • The person playing the reverse card or the skip card will immediately play one more card. 
  • In the case of the “hit 2” card, the opposite player will hit the launcher twice and skip his or her turn. 

Step by step guideline

Step 1: Every player will be given 7 cards. One card from the remaining pile will be placed on the deck.

Step 2: The remaining cards will be placed upside down inside the Extreme launcher. Then the dealer will close the launcher and press the on button. The launcher has to be closed properly to start the game. You will hear a beep sound once the launcher is closed correctly.

Step 3: Make sure that the launcher is facing the player whose turn comes at that moment. 

Note that the launcher might not launch a card even though you’ve pressed a button. This doesn’t mean that you have a bad machine. When the launcher has got your command, it will make a sound. 

The basic rules are just the same as the traditional Uno. 

Rule 1: Each player will have to match their cards with the top card shown on the Discard pile. The players have to match their cards either by number or by color.

Rule 2: If the players don’t have matching cards, then they can play special cards like “draw 2 cards” or “draw 4 cards” or any wild card. In case the player doesn’t have any of the above options, he or she will have to press the launcher button once.

Rule 3: If the launcher shoots any card then that card has to be added with the current cards in hand. The game will continue afterward. 

Rule 4: When a player is left with only one card in hand then he or she will have to shout “UNO.” If the player forgets to mention Uno and any other player catches the action, then that player will get a penalty.

As a punishment, the player will have to hit the launcher twice and add the cards with the cards in hand. 

Once a player finishes all the cards in hand, the points will be counted. 

Scoring system of UNO extreme

When a player gets rid of all the cards in hand, the game ends there and the scores are counted. In the case of scoring, the player will get scores for each card left in the other players’ hands. 

For cards, numbers (0-9) face value will be counted. “Reverse,” “skip” and “hit 2” cards have 20 points. Discards all have 30 points, wild cards and extreme hit cards have 50 points.

The player who will be able to score 500 points at first will win the game. Another way of making the game more entertaining is counting it another way round.

This means that when a player reaches 500 points, the player who will have the least points will win the game.