Uno Jurassic World Rules

Jurassic Park is famous for its exciting scenes which kept the audience amused and entertained for a decade. In order to catch that essence, Uno came out with the iconic Uno Jurassic World version.

The rules of Jurassic Park-themed Uno follow the path of the traditional Uno where all the players need to finish the cards in hand by matching them to the displayed card of the discard pile. They can match the cards either by number or by colour.

Jurassic world Uno game rules

The basic rule of Jurassic world Uno is the same as the traditional Uno where whoever reaches 500 points at first, wins the game. The players have to get rid of all the cards in hand as fast as possible in order to win the game.

At the beginning of the game, every player will get 7 cards and the remaining cards will form a discard pile. The cards of the discard pile will be kept upside down so that no one can see them. But only one card will be left out.

The remaining cards of the discard pile will be placed inside the launcher. The numbers should be facing downwards. The launcher will launch one card at a time.

Guideline for playing Uno Jurassic world

First, you need to pick a dealer who will shuffle and distribute the cards. Take out cards with numbers and keep them facing downwards. Let every player choose one card. Whoever has the card with the highest number gets to be the dealer.

The dealer will give each player 7 cards. The remaining cards will go inside the launcher. You need to keep one card outside the launcher which will be the beginning card and all the player has to match their cards to the top card.

The game will begin from the left of the dealer and will continue clockwise. Every player will have to play a card by matching it to the launched card either by number or by colour.

For example, if the launcher launches a red 6, then the player will either have to play any number of the colour red or 6 of any other colour. If the player doesn’t have a matching card, he or she can play a wild card.

If he or she doesn’t have any of the above, then he or she will need to press the button of the launcher. Whatever card comes out, it needs to be added to the hand. But if no card comes out then the turn goes to the next player.

When any player will play “Draw 2” or “Draw 4” the next player will have to press the launcher twice or four times according to the card played.

Once a player reaches the second last card in hand, he or she will have to say “Uno” while playing the second last card. In case the player forgets to say it and someone else notices it, then that player will have to press the launcher twice and add those cards in hand.

Uno Attack Jurassic world

The Jurassic World Uno attack has some wonderful features like the “Wild Attack-Attack” where an unpredictable move comes out of the launcher that makes the game even more exciting.

When a card is placed, one player will be selected for the attack. The Dilophosaurus launcher will be pressed twice. Now if no cards come out of the launcher then the player will be considered lucky. If any card comes out of the launcher then that needs to be added with the cards in hand.

The best part about the Jurassic world themed Uno is, the launcher makes different exciting sounds to make the game funny and interesting at the same time.

One pack of Uno Attack Jurassic World has 112 cards, a launcher called the Dilophosaurus and a manual. The shooter has an extra space for storage where you’ll be able to store your cards safely.

Difference between basic Uno rules and Jurassic world Uno rules

There’s not much difference between basic Uno rules and the Jurassic world Uno rules. The basic cards are the same but it has some additional cards like the “Discard All,” “Hit 2,” “Hit 4” and the “Wild Attack-Attack.”

When someone plays a discard-all card, it allows all that player to get rid of all the matching cards of the same colour. In the case of the Hit 2 card, the next player will have to press the launcher twice and four times for Hit 4.

Wild Attack-Attack has a similar concept to the Wild card. When this card is played, the player gets to change the colour of the game and also attack any other player to press the shooter twice.

Uno Jurassic World also allows the player to customize the wild cards. You can buy blank wild cards online and customize them accordingly.