Uno Machine: Board Game at its best

The Uno machine has added a new dimension to the board game. Kids and adults love this innovative way of playing this game.

The UNO machine is basically a card launcher that starts the display pile. In order to start the launcher, all the remaining cards have to be put upside down inside the machine.

These launchers come in some beautiful designs along with magnificent sound effects. Every time a player pushes the launching button, it flashes light with an additional sound which creates suspense and makes the game even more exciting. 

The mechanism behind the Uno machine

The Uno machine is designed beautifully for launching cards. It has a switch located at the bottom of the machine. 

Once a player pushes the switch, the spring located inside the machine pushes the top card placed inside. One card comes out of the attack machine.

How to operate a UNO machine?

Step 1: At first, every player will be given 7 cards. One card has to be placed over the launcher in order to start the discard pile. 

Step 2: All the remaining cards have to be put inside the launcher. While inserting the remaining UNO cards, you need to remember that all the cards have to face downwards inside the launcher. 

Step 3: Once the cards are properly placed inside, close the launcher. Make sure the batteries are working properly and turn on the switch.

Note: If you’re unable to find the switch, look at the bottom of the machine. Press the “ON” button to begin the launcher. 

Step 4: In order to properly close the machine, you will have to put the back cover in place and put some pressure on the front wing pointing it downwards. Remember that without closing the covers properly, you won’t be able to start the game as until the unit is closed perfectly, the machine won’t launch the card.

Now a question arises? How will you know that the back cover is properly inserted? 

Once the launcher is closed accurately, you’ll be able to hear a beep sound. This will confirm that the machine is ready to begin the game. 

When the game begins, make sure that the machine is facing the player who is going to play at that time. Sometimes even after pressing the button, the machine doesn’t launch a card. This doesn’t mean that there’s a default with the machine. 

Every time you press the switch you will hear a sound that will ensure that the launcher has received the command. 

Once you press the button and the machine launches a card, the very first player will have to play a card that matches the launched card. The player can match the card either by number or by color. 

For example, if the machine launches a blue 5 then, the player will either have to play any number of the color blue or number 5 of any other color. 

If the player doesn’t have a matching card, it can play a special card. When a player has neither a matching card nor a special card, he or she will have to press the switch in order to continue the game.

In this case, when a card comes out of the launcher, that player will have to include that card in hand. After that, the game will continue following the regular rules. 

When any of the players have only one card left in hand, he or she has to shout UNO. if a player doesn’t shout and gets caught, then he or she will get a punishment.

As a punishment, the player will have to press the launcher twice and add those two cards with the cards in hand. 

This is how Uno is played with an Uno machine. 

Features of Uno machine

The Uno machine comes in standard packaging and needs 3 double A batteries to operate. They don’t weigh much. Hence, these machines are great for kids.

As the machine launches the cards, it makes the game even more exciting and faster. 

Types of Uno machine

The Uno machine is available in different colors, shapes and sizes. Among them, the UNO mega-hit is the most famous one. Along With that, you’ll be able to find two-way launchers, single launchers and so on. 

Replacement cards

While playing Uno with a machine instead of playing manually, different unwanted situations can occur. For instance, the cards can get stuck inside the machine or some of the cards can get torn. 

In these times, you won’t have to buy a new machine, you can simply buy replacement cards. These are also known as refills. Some of the machines come with refills. Those usually cost a little more. 

Note that, if your cards are damaged or not properly sized, they wouldn’t work in the launcher. In these cases, replacement cards will be your saviour.