What does the blank uno card mean?

You know it is famous for its colourful cards and interesting action cards. The diverse selection of cards makes the game even more amusing.

A Blank Uno card means a card that has the basic structure of the Uno but the face value is empty. A Blank Uno card is usually used as a replacement when a card is lost. It can also be used as a fun way to add some creativity to the game.

For example, if the number 5 of the yellow Uno card is lost you can simply put a 5 with a yellow marker and use it as a replacement for that card. Besides you can certainly add new action cards by making signs and developing rules according to your liking.

Rules to Uno blank card

The blank card has no specific rules but you can certainly make your own rules by taking advantage of these blank cards. If you are using these blank cards as a replacement then make sure that you let other players know which card is being replaced by a blank card.

If you are replacing a numbered card then try to either mention the colour or write the number with that colour. For example, if you’ve lost a blue 9, then try to make the 9 with a blue pen or marker.

Blank Uno cards in Uno deluxe

 Uno deluxe is the most classic version of Uno. Those who love a more vintage vibe prefer playing Uno deluxe. The cards are the same as the traditional Uno, nothing different. Just the print is more classic and retro.

The blank Uno cards in deluxe do not serve any specific purpose other than replacement and a canvas for creativity. New fun rules can be introduced via these blank cards.

What are good ideas to write on an Uno blank card?

In Uno, the blank card is used to make a card of the opposite player from their hand and replace it in a place where it is not easily found. Some people prefer this rule as it makes the game interesting and entertaining at the same time.

A blank card is basically introducing a new card to the table. This gives you the advantage to turn any of the given cards into your desired wild card and introduce new rules that you’ve always wanted to play with. 

Some fun ideas for blank cards are: add cards in hand, ghost king, lose 2 cards, etc. For the add cards, you can include general instructions like “Add 10 cards,” “Add 5 cards.” In the case of “Ghost King,” it is one of the most famous blank cards.

The ghost king card means that for the next five minutes, all the lights will be turned off and players will have to continue the game in flashlight. This makes the game fun and thrilling.

Losing two cards is rarely added as a wild card but it can certainly be a good option to amp up the game. Whoever plays this card will be able to get rid of two cards in hand.

8 Top Uno blank cards Rules

  1. Assassinate: This rule will give a player the opportunity to target one player and choose one card. If the targeted player has the named card in hand, then he or she will get rid of that card and pick up 5 cards as a replacement.
  2. Blackhole: Under this rule, all the cards in hand are being shuffled back into the pile and then reshuffled. All the cards will be dealt among the players where they’ll have the same number of cards.
  3. Charity: Two cards will be selected from that player and will be given to a chosen player.
  4. Copycat: Has to copy the previous card played.
  5. Fair Play: A player who has fewer cards needs to be targeted and that player has to draw cards until they match the other person.
  6. True sight: One person has to show all the cards in their hand. They need to keep showing the cards until they get the turn to play.
  7. Slap: This rule is the most fun one. Once a player plays a blank card that has a slap sign, everyone has to drop down their hands. The last player to drop their hand will have to pick 2 additional cards.
  8. Steal turn: Once this card is played, the player can steal another player’s turn and the game will continue from there.

House rules of Uno blank card

Some fun house rules can be added through these blank cards. For example, whoever has a blank card can be given the authority to check all the cards in every player’s hand in private and pick up one card for each player.

Another house rule that is often played is the rule of purity. When a player plays a blank card, this rule prohibits all the players from playing any wild card until that player gets another turn.