What If Naruto and Sasuke Switched Roles?

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Fan fictions aren’t new to imaginations and parallel universes and scenarios to be able to tell a fresh take on an otherwise set-in-stone official narrative. Anime series, given the sheer number of fans they have, are also not new to various interpretations of what could have been if the characters within them acted just a bit differently.

But what if Naruto and Sasuke switched roles? Many avid lovers and fans of the anime have come to a consensus that the events of the anime wouldn’t have been different and in fact is already alluded to the official story telling of the series. Many have concurred that if Naruto and Sasuke switched places, another iteration of the incident between Kakashi and Obito would have occurred.

What If Naruto and Sasuke Switched Roles?

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Not much would change at the first half of the anime series. Where things would be different however would be at the Chunin Exams since here is where the bond between Naruto and Sasuke will begin to shake. Here, Sasuke’s run in with Orochimaru while still having the poison, will have taught Sasuke empathy and compassion for his comrades.

After learning about Orochimaru’s hurtful past, Sasuke sees this as a lesson and inspects himself and realizes that using revenge as a catalyst to gain more power would only harm him in the end. Sasuke then moves forward with this realization and starts being more compassionate towards his fellow ninja under the special tutelage of Kakashi all while still having Orochimaru’s boon.

Naruto sees Sasuke’s rapid growth and now becomes jealous since Sasuke begins to be the center of attention for his prowess, intellect, and compassion. Upon hearing that Sasuke is now aiming to become a Hokage as well, an ambition Naruto thought he monopolized, Naruto then becomes desperate and starts grabbing power where and from whoever he can.

What Would Happen if Naruto and Sasuke weren’t on the Same Team?

Even before the teams of three were made, Naruto and Sasuke had always had a rivalry between them. Regardless of where and who they end up with, many fans speculate that this bond of competition and rivalry will remain intact. Them being on different teams merely suggests that they won’t be seeing each other as much but this lack of interaction makes itself more obvious as they continue to grow apart.

What happens next will not be changed much from there. Orochimaru will still pine for Sasuke to be his new vessel. Tsunade will still become the new Hokage while Jiraiya still teaches Naruto and Naruto picks up Rasengan but Sasuke will not be able to learn Chidori from Kakashi.

Itachi and Kisame will still be out hunting for the Nine-Tails. Sasuke runs into his brother and gets traumatized and will then look for Orochimaru for more power but this time, Naruto will not be as compelled to go after him let alone, bring him back.

Are Naruto and Sasuke Evenly Matched?

Naruto and Sasuke were characters designed to always match each other in growth and power even though they have polarizing motivations for gaining said power. Every single time they earnestly fought each other, Naruto and Sasuke would always end in a tie, whether with the help of external forces or not.

The only difference here is that after the battles, Naruto has his own support group with his family and friends while Sasuke, unfortunately, does not have that luxury ever since he left the Hidden Leaf Village.

Do Naruto and Sasuke Stop Being Friends?

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We can safely assume Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship has its ups and downs and ebbs and flows. They’re the best of friends one moment, they’re rivals who want to kill each other the next. What we can be sure of, however, is that even if they don’t see each other for a long time, their existences have been so deeply ingrained into one another that they can’t help but be connected in one way or another.

Do Sasuke and Naruto get along?

Because of Naruto’s harsh childhood, it has always been his dream to be looked up to and the only way he saw that happening was becoming a hokage. Seeing Sasuke’s rapid growth made him feel uneasy since now, he has competition over that dream and he was lagging so far behind his rival. At this point, Naruto begins to contemplate whether or not Orochimaru can help him, like he helped Sasuke.

In light of Sasuke’s consistent and rapid development, he suggests that Sasuke enter the tutelage of Jiraiya, one of the Legendary Sanin. Sasuke accepts the proposal while Naruto then trains to become stronger and runs into Itachi and Kisame of the Akatsuki who are hunting the Nine-Tails. Sensing danger is afoot, Sasuke and Jiraiya arrive at the scene just in time to save Naruto from being captured, a gesture Naruto is more resentful at than thankful for.

Having seen the reality of how weak he truly was, Naruto then seeks out Orochimaru as Jiraiya and Sasuke seeks out Tsunade for further tutelage. Orochimaru, recently suffering a defeat at the hands of Tsunade and Jiraiya, sees Naruto as a powerful new vessel for him because of the Nine-Tails and Naruto’s incredible chakra.

Orochimaru readily accepts Naruto as his disciple and assigns him to leave the Hidden Leaf Village. Sasuke catches wind of Naruto’s sudden disappearance and begins to look for him, going to his place for any clues or leads he might find. Sasuke rallies up a team to catch up with Naruto and they reunite at the Valley of the End.

Sasuke tries to convince Naruto to come back and not to trust whatever Orochimaru says but Naruto doesn’t listen. They try to resolve it through force but end up having a tie as Naruto walks away with Sasuke having no way to stop his friend from turning into a villain.