Why are shiny Pokemon good?

Shiny Pokemon are some of the most sought-after things in the Pokemon world. The company even does events where players can get exclusive shiny Pokemon. But what’s so special about shiny Pokemon?

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon whose coloration is different from what their species normally has. Your chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon is 1 in every 8192. Their stats don’t differ from their ordinary counterparts, so they really are popular because they are rare.

Why are shiny Pokemon good?

Yes. Unfortunately, shiny Pokemon are not stronger than normal colored Pokemon. But the bragging rights you get for owning one, especially a Shiny Legendary, make searching for one worth it.

What is a shiny Pokemon?

Shiny Pokemon were introduced in the Generation II games: Pokemon Gold and Silver. The developers introduced them to people using the red Gyarados on Lake of Rage.

Shiny Pokemon, as stated above, are Pokemon colored differently than normal. In this example, Gyarados is red instead of blue.

The changes in some Pokemon’s coloration can be as drastic as that. But it can also be subtle, as is the case with Shiny Glaceon, which has brighter blues than regular Glaceons.

You can confirm a Pokemon is shiny by looking at whether there are sparkles around them when they enter battle or if there aren’t.

And that’s also how they got their name. The term “Shiny Pokemon” was not officially used until Generation IV. They were called “rare” Pokemon on the official website and in the debug menu in Pokemon Gold and Silver’s game data.

And in Pokemon Stadium 2, Shiny Pokemon are called “Color Pokemon.”

Players just referred to them as Shiny Pokemon because of the sparkle animation and the sound they make when they enter into battle. The term got extremely popular, and eventually, the Pokemon Company made it official.

What is the benefit of having a shiny Pokemon?

Since Shiny Pokemon are rare, they are great trade fodder. For instance, you can offer to trade one in exchange for a strong Pokemon with four perfect IVs.

Why are shiny Pokemon good?

It can also be part of your collection. You can try catching all Pokemon in their Shiny variant to make a “living shiny dex.” The Pokemon community will respect you if you can accomplish that. 

In other words, you get bragging rights. 

Is a shiny Pokemon any better than normal?

Unfortunately, a Shiny Pokemon has the same stats as normal Pokemon. So, a regular Zapdos with 6 perfect IVs will be as strong as a Shiny Zapdos with 6 perfect IVs. The EV investments in them will determine who will win, and that does not have anything to do with whether a Pokemon is Shiny or not. 

Is it worth keeping a shiny Pokemon?

Yes. It is worth keeping a Shiny Pokemon, even if it is just a Caterpie. 

You have to remember that every Pokemon is someone else’s favorite. Maybe in the future, you’ll meet someone who wants it and owns a Pokemon from an event you have missed. You can offer to trade your Shiny Pokemon for that.

How rare is a shiny Pokemon?

The chance of you encountering a shiny Pokémon is 1 in every 8192. In Generation III, they modified the factors used by the system to determine whether a Shiny Pokemon should appear or not. However, that did not change the odds.

Why are shiny Pokemon good?

The item Shiny Charm, introduced in Pokemon Black and White, increases your chances of encountering a Shiny Pokemon.

Some Pokemon are “Shiny Locked,” though. You can only legitimately get their Shiny variant through special events. That makes them rarer than other Shiny Pokemon.

Meanwhile, on Pokemon Go, the chances of players seeing a Shiny Pokemon is 1 in 500. Though, the rates are increased or decreased on specific Pokemon.

Also, the rates increase for Pokemon featured in events called Community Days. The odds of you finding one are 1 in 25. Meanwhile, for every Legendary and Mythical Pokemon encounter, there’s a 1 in 20 chance that they will be Shiny. 

Why are shiny Pokemon good?

Are shiny Pokemon harder to catch?

Fortunately, Shiny Pokemon have the same catch rate as regular Pokemon. So, you don’t need special preparations in order to catch them. As long as you have Pokeballs and perhaps some Ultra Balls in your bag, you can get them.

What is the big deal about shiny Pokemon?

As stated multiple times above, Shiny Pokemon are rare, with some even rarer than others. And people see rare things as special. That’s why catching a Shiny Pokemon is such a big deal.

Fighting other players using rare Shiny Pokemon feels satisfying, even though they change nothing but aesthetics. For this pleasure, some players may offer you great things in exchange for your Shiny Pokemon. Thus, it’s best to keep all your Shiny Pokemon or Shiny hunt whenever you have free time.