Why Did Pokemon Go Die?

Pokemon Go is the most successful Pokemon game released for mobile in 2016. Its success is so great worldwide that it was thought to last very long. 

Now, Pokemon Go has ‘died’ because many people who joined the hype before have lost interest. Another critical factor in this is the limitations in its gameplay.

Unlike traditional pokemon games, a continuous internet connection is needed here. They can’t even battle with their Pokemon against other trainers in how other Pokemon games work.

A Pokemon Go player will need a phone with a functioning camera and a reliable internet connection. The game also recommends a phone with a gyroscope feature, but it is not required to play it. 

The game requires its players to move around using their phones, and some people can’t play it because of personal concerns. Even if the game warns its users, there are still reports of accidents while playing the game. 

However, it is not a factor at all why the game ‘died.’ The climate and the weather affect the activity of Pokemon Go players as well. 

More people play the game during summer because they can go outside without worrying about the weather. But during rainy seasons and the winter, the players tend to stay inside, which shows the game’s limits. 

Pokemon Go Die

Is Pokemon Go Still Popular in 2021?

Even if some people consider Pokemon Go as ‘dead,’ for Pokemon fans, it is still pretty much alive in 2021. It is still popular because many Pokemon players are actively playing the game. 

Even non-Pokemon fans have been caught up in its worldwide phenomena in its release. It is one of the most creative and ambitious Pokemon games ever made. 

Today, most of them have become inactive in the game. The reason may be because of the pandemic or other things like burnout. 

The only players that play the game may be the diehard Pokemon fans. But one thing is for sure, the game is still popular, but not widely played as it was in its first weeks and months. 

Pokemon Go Die

How Much Money Has Pokemon Go Made in 2021?

As of December 2021, the game has made 180 million+ US dollars in revenue. The current year has the lowest revenue compared to last year, 2020.

Compared to 2021, 2020 is the most profitable year for Pokemon Go. The total revenue for 2020 was estimated to be 918 million dollars.

It is a sizable increase from the first year of Pokemon Go’s revenue, about 588 million dollars.

Why Did Pokemon Go Fail?

Even though Pokemon Go has not been widely played before, it is not a failed game. The only possible failure was retaining the non-Pokemon fans that had initially joined the game.

They are also doing significant updates today that can potentially grab the attention of new players. Also, 2021 is a very restrictive year, especially for Pokemon Go players.

Most people are inside their homes and are cautious when going outside. It is not surprising that the pandemic has also affected Pokemon Go’s success.

A good time to say if the game has failed is after the pandemic ends. And if the players have not increased that much during that time, it’s safe to say that they failed.

Pokemon Go Die

Is Pokemon Go Banned?

Depending on which country or place you play Pokemon Go, it can be banned or not. In most countries, playing Pokemon Go in a government facility is banned.

The potential leak in data is there because Pokemon Go players use their phone cameras to play the game. Also, there are some religiously strict countries like Saudi Arabia. 

Some officials and religious leaders in Saudi Arabia thought that the game depicts polytheism and evolution and directly conflicts with their beliefs. It is the primary reason why Pokemon Go is banned there. 

However, China, Iran, Bosnia, and Herzegovina have some reasoning that it causes harm to pedestrians and motorists that resulted in the game’s ban. 

Is Pokemon Go Safe?

Pokemon Go is as safe as how the user handles it. If a Pokemon Go player is immersed and unaware of their surroundings, it can become one of the most dangerous games ever made.

Still, there can be unfortunate events when Pokemon players can get harmed even when playing the game with extreme caution. However, the events don’t prove that the game is dangerous. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Pokemon Go can be perceived as dangerous, especially since the game needs its players to look at their phone screens for some time. 

It is also why the game itself has some warnings when playing the game. There’s a proper way to play the game, and it involves personal safety, which some of its players seem to overlook. 

Pokemon Go Die

When Did Pokemon Go Die?

The game may seem dead because it is rarely talked about nowadays. But the game didn’t really ‘die.’

Instead, it is the ‘hype’ that died down. It started dying in 2017 but slowly increased until the game’s best-selling year in 2020. 

But the following year, 2021, is the least selling year for the game. Still, it doesn’t make the game ‘dead’ yet.

Pokemon Go still has a decent revenue gain even in the current year. It is also still popular among Pokemon players worldwide. 

The game is also ongoing, with frequent gameplay updates from time to time.