Why Does Remoraid Evolve Into Octillery?

Usually, a Pokemon’s appearance doesn’t change much when they evolve. For instance, Staryu and Starmie are clearly both Starfish. However, that does not apply to all Pokemon.

Remoraid is a fish that evolves into Octillery, an octopus. The reason behind that is Remoraid was inspired by a gun, while Octillery was inspired by artillery.

When you know that, the evolution line suddenly makes sense. But there’s more to this story than just that. Continue reading to find more information about this strange evolution line.

Why Does Remoraid Evolve Into Octillery?

Is Octillery really Remoraid’s evolution?

Remoraid and Octillery were introduced when Pokemon Gold and Silver came out. And they surprised a lot of players.

Who would not have that reaction when you see a fish become an octopus? More so since the other Pokemon don’t change that drastically upon evolution.

But indeed, Octillery is really Remoraid’s evolution. The designers just took a more creative approach when designing this evolution line. Instead of designing Remoraid’s evolved form based on the physical appearance, they designed it based on the concept behind the said Pokemon.

How Does Remoraid evolve into Octillery?

Because this evolution line is so strange, you may think that there must be a funky mechanic to evolve Remoraid. Perhaps you need to turn your game system upside down, similar to when evolving Inkay. Or maybe you need to trade Remoraid while holding a special item, like when evolving a Clampearl.

But none of those are the case. Evolving Remoraid is very simplistic. You only need to level up Remoraid until it is level 25. When Remoraid reaches that level, it will automatically evolve into Octillery.

What’s the inspiration behind Remoraid and Octillery?

Here’s the key to answering why Remoraid evolves into Octillery. Unless you research about it, you would not know. That’s because GameFreak has removed some pieces of evidence.

Remoraid’s name is a combination of “remora” – a type of fish, and “raid.” It’s not yet obvious where “raid” comes from, but the Pokemon’s Japanese name reveals that (more of this later).

Remoraid’s Japanese name is “Teppouo.” It is from “Teppo,” meaning gun, and “uo,” meaning fish. Also, Teppouo is the Japanese name for archerfish, which spits water jets on land-based insects to prey on them.

Yes, that means Remoraid’s design was inspired by a gun or the concept of projectile shooting. In fact, if you put pictures of a revolver gun and Remoraid side-by-side, you will see the resemblance. That’s even after they changed the design to be more kid-friendly.

Meanwhile, Octillery is obviously a play on “octopus” and “artillery.” Its Japanese name is not much different. It is “Okutank,” which combines the words “octopus” and “tank.”

Why Does Remoraid Evolve Into Octillery?

Similar to an archerfish, an octopus can shoot something. It shoots out ink.

However, unlike archerfish, octopi do that more as a defensive mechanism than an offensive one. But it is Pokemon we are talking about. They can modify things to make the concept of their imaginary creatures work.

That said, they made Octillery shoot out ink to attack. That is the move called “Octazooka” (“octopus” and “bazooka”) in English and “Okutank Canon” in Japanese.

And now, we can see the connection between the two Pokemon. Suddenly, the evolution line does not seem out of place.

Why does a fish (Remoraid) evolve into an octopus (Octillery)?

Pokemon has turned literal magnets into Pokemon in the franchise’s first games. So, it should not be so surprising when the company draws inspiration from other random things.

As stated above, Remoraid was inspired by a small weapon, while Octillery was inspired by a bigger, more destructive weapon. That’s why this fish Pokemon evolves into an octopus.

Some people may still say that the explanation provided above is far-fetched. But when they see Remoraid and Octillery’s beta designs, they will change their opinion.

The Cutting Room Floor, a site dedicated to unearthing unused assets in a video game, has found the beta designs for Remoraid and Octillery.

Remoraid’s original design is undeniably a handgun-shaped fish. And Octillery looks like a tank, with its tentacles positioned to resemble tank treads. Furthermore, it looks like it is going to war, with its helmet and armor and all.

They changed the design for these two probably to make them more kid-friendly.

Do you need a special item to evolve Remoraid into Octillery?

No, you don’t. As mentioned above, you only need to raise Remoraid to level 25 to make it evolve into Octillery.

Why Does Remoraid Evolve Into Octillery?

Was Octillery supposed to be the evolution of another Pokemon?

No. Right from the start, they planned to make Octillery the evolved form of Remoraid.

Aside from Remoraid-Octillery, is there another confusing evolution line?

Clampearl is another example of Pokemon with a weird evolution line. It is a pearl inside a clam that evolves into eels.