Why is Pokemon HeartGold so Expensive?

Pokemon HeartGold was a remake of Pokemon Gold released for the Gameboy color in 1999. Even though it was a remake, Pokemon HeartGold has sold many copies worldwide and became the 12th most selling Pokemon game.

Today, Pokemon HeartGold is still considered by some consumers expensive because the game hasn’t lost much market value through the years. Also, the game has increased its demand, and the supply is low because the game’s production has stopped.

Another reason why Pokemon HeartGold is expensive is that it is a Nintendo DS game. It means that you have to buy a Nintendo DS or similar platforms that can run the game.

In some cases, Nintendo DSs have a higher than usual pricing. And the expensive Nintendo DS is in almost every online store.

Also, there’s a mini gadget called Pokewalker in most HeartGold game copies. The game features a partner Pokemon that can walk alongside you.

When a Pokemon of your choice is walking with you, you will gain more friendship experiences for it. Pokewalker enables its players to gain friendship exp for their Pokemon even when not playing the game itself. 

The Pokewalker adds to the total price of the game. Nowadays, if Pokemon HeartGold game copies include a Pokewalker, it can become more expensive.

Then, there’s a huge possibility that some scalpers have gotten their hands on Nintendo DSs and Pokemon HeartGold copies. So, individuals looking for both in online stores will have to deal with the higher prices.

Pokemon HeartGold so Expensive

How Much is Pokemon HeartGold Worth?

When Pokemon HeartGold was released in 2009, its standard price in stores was around $60 up to $80. Still, the price varies from different countries and stores back then.

Now, Pokemon HeartGold’s worth has become more varied than it was. Pokemon enthusiasts don’t buy them not only because they want to play but also to collect them.

Some collectors have bought sealed copies of the game for $1,200, some even reached $2,500. Those are for the graded copies of Pokemon HeartGold. 

The standard and used copies of the game are found in online buy and sell platforms. Most of them have a $75, near its release price.

And if you want to get a boxed copy of the game, you will find out that most of them have a higher price of at least $125.

Pokemon HeartGold so Expensive

Is Pokemon HeartGold Rare?

Yes. Pokemon HeartGold is a rare Pokemon game and is one of the rarest today. 

However, when it was released along with Pokemon SoulSilver, it wasn’t considered as rare as it is now. It was an anticipated Pokemon game back then, and its production was very active.

It featured the 2 most popular Pokemon regions Kanto and Johto, and because it is in Nintendo DS, the improved graphics have captured the interest of many Pokemon players. Since then, almost no other following Pokemon games offer the same experience as Pokemon HeartGold.

And this is how Pokemon HeartGold became a rare game that many people still want to get a copy of today. Also, since there are no newly produced copies of the game, it’s getting more difficult to find a good copy even online.

In short, people want to buy Pokemon HeartGold, but their supply is getting smaller. Thus, the rarity of the game is also increasing over time.

How Many Copies of Pokemon HeartGold are There?

In 2010, Nintendo sold an estimated 8.4 million copies of Pokemon HeartGold worldwide. Most sales are from Japan, with 3.7 million copies distributed and sold.

Outside of Japan, 4.6 million copies were distributed and sold. Even if Nintendo sold more copies outside Japan, Nintendo still distributed it in different countries.

Nintendo sold 760 thousand Pokemon HeartGold copies in the US within the 1st month of its release. 

Pokemon HeartGold so Expensive

Which Sold More HeartGold or SoulSilver?

The Pokemon SoulSilver version has sold more copies than Pokemon HeartGold. Nintendo sold 1.01 million Pokemon SoulSilver copies in the United States alone during the 1st month of release compared to Pokemon HeartGold, with 0.76 million copies sold.

It was also the same situation with the original Pokemon Gold and Silver versions in Gameboy color. The reason why the Silver versions sold more is because of their popularity.

The cover of Pokemon Silver and SoulSilver is the legendary Pokemon Lugia, and for the Gold and HeartGold, it is Ho-Oh. Lugia appears to be more appealing to more Pokemon players than Ho-Oh, even though both gameplay is almost a hundred percent similar.

Still, the sales differences were not that far from each other, and both versions managed to sell well worldwide.

Pokemon HeartGold so Expensive

How Can I Tell If My Pokemon in HeartGold is Real?

Along with the release of original Pokemon HeartGold copies, counterfeit copies followed. The apparent difference between the authentic copy and the counterfeit is how it looks. 

Fake ones tend to have faded colors instead of bright and vividly used colors in the cartridge’s sticker. And sometimes, most of the fake copies are cheaper.

Also, since the HeartGold version has an infrared feature for the Pokewalker, its materials are slightly different. Both fake and real copies have a greyish color outside.

However, an authentic copy of the game will display a dark-red color when you put a light behind it. It is a sure way to tell if you got an authentic copy of the game or not.

Still, Players cannot trade Pokemon from the fake HeartGold copies with Pokemon from an authentic Pokemon HeartGold copy. So, you can be sure that every Pokemon in your authentic HeartGold version is genuine.