Why is Pokemon Platinum so Expensive?

Pokemon Platinum was one of the most anticipated Nintendo DS games before and during its release. Even today, many Pokemon fans are buying anything related to Pokemon platinum, even products or, in some cases, software.

The Pokemon platinum version is also considered expensive because it is an exclusive game for the Nintendo DS, and you will need to have to buy one to play it. Also, Pokemon Platinum is one of the most loved Pokemon games, and has never lost its value in the marketplace, and might have even increased.

Also, most Pokemon games are like Pokemon platinum in terms of sales and market value. They are well-received by many Pokemon fans in many countries, even today.

Pokemon Platinum Expensive

What is Special About Pokemon Platinum? 

Pokemon Platinum is the ‘combination’ of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, also released for the Nintendo DS. It is unique because not only do they include Diamond and Pearl’s game elements, but they also introduced another form of the Legendary Pokemon Giratina here.

It is the only Pokemon game where players can catch Giratina and change its form while visiting a distorted dimension in the process. You can also catch both Dialga and Palkia in this version.

That’s not all; Pokemon Platinum also has a Battle Frontier that was non-existent in the Diamond and Pearl versions. It’s one of the primary reasons players still play the game even after defeating the Pokemon league. 

That’s not all; Pokemon Platinum also has a Battle Frontier that was non-existent in the Diamond and Pearl versions. It’s one of the primary reasons players still play the game even after defeating the Pokemon league. 

And of course, the unique element of the game is the atmosphere it provides to the players. Its player base appreciated even minor differences like a personal Pokemon resort. 

Pokemon Platinum Expensive

Pokemon Platinum Price

At its release in North America, some buyers have a recalled initial price of Pokemon Platinum ranging from $40 up to $70. However, some sites have reported its total price at $120.

Graded copies of the Pokemon Platinum, however, have reached $3,600. The specific Pokemon platinum copy was directly from the factory, and was sealed, and has a Video Game Authority (VGA) grade of 85+.

The commonly resold game copies are expected at $95, mostly in online stores. 

Is Pokemon Platinum a Rare Game?

Pokemon games as a whole are not considered as rare games because of how popular they are. However, it can be considered slightly rare when comparing all the Pokemon games.

The Pokemon Platinum version is not included in the top 10 most selling Pokemon games of all time. However, its total global sales are still outstanding.

It has a total sales of 7.6 million dollars. It is only roughly a million dollars behind the 15th most selling Pokemon game, Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, which has 8.52 million dollars total sales. 

A possible reason why the sales of Pokemon Platinum aren’t that high is that players back then have already purchased either Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl. Some of them find it redundant to play an almost similar game and instead save for a new Pokemon game.

Now, people have seen the actual value of Pokemon Platinum and found out that it is the rarer type of a Pokemon game, especially that it is a Nintendo DS game. It has increased its game value for being an upgraded version of Diamond and Pearl.

Why is Pokemon Platinum that Expensive?

The increased demands of Pokemon players during the pandemic is one of the biggest reasons why Pokemon Platinum has become so expensive. Also, the manufacturers of Pokemon Platinum have stopped their operations for years now.

Usually, the prices of games decline as time goes by. But in Pokemon Platinum’s case, it hasn’t.

The unexpected growth in demand and the lack of supply of the game copies affected its pricing. And also, good Pokemon games rarely lose their value in the gaming market.

It’s either a good Pokemon that retains its value over time or has an increased value. 

Pokemon Platinum Expensive

Why are 4th Gen Pokemon Games so Expensive?

The same ideas and thoughts apply here from the previous question. It’s not only Pokemon Platinum that has increased demand from buyers, but most 4th Gen Pokemon games also did.

Perhaps this is because newer players are rediscovering more 4th Generation Pokemon Games and what all of them have to offer. After all, each top-rated Pokemon game provides a unique experience exclusive to that specific game.

According to many Pokemon players, even their art style and music are sought. And thus, the value of the 4th Gen increased a lot, along with its price.

You can also consider that many Pokemon players’ nostalgia is a big reason behind it. If individuals find a game meaningful, they’re more likely to repurchase it.

Pokemon Platinum Expensive

Is Pokemon Platinum Discontinued?

Yes, the manufacturing of the individual copies of Pokemon Platinum ceased many years ago. You will not find any new game copies straight from the factory. 

Some game collectors owned the original copies of the game, and some were not willing to sell them. Those kinds of copies are also costly because they’re graded. 

Also, the management discontinued the online service for Pokemon Platinum in 2014. It means that Pokemon Platinum players beyond 2014 cannot enjoy online battles and other online-related Pokemon Platinum activities.