World’s Loudest Fart

Farts are the most common sounds on earth. Both humans and animals tend to pass gas from time to time. The rate at which we produce gas differs, depending on several variables which may include the amount of gas we’ve swallowed and the types of food we eat. But, there’re certain cases of farting that are deemed as special. The latter includes the world’s loudest fart.

When was the world’s loudest fart recorded?

The loudest fart to ever be recorded was back on the 16th of May, 1972. There have been a plethora of attempts to break that record that was established in that year, the closest being in October of the same year.

How long did the world’s loudest fart last?

man farting

The loudest fart to ever is recorded only lasted a third of a second, according to reliable sources.

Who was the man behind the world’s loudest fart?

Mr. Alvin Meshits was the man behind the world’s loudest fart. The Madeline Texas resident became an instant sensation for several reasons. For starters, what he’d just done had never been done before. Secondly, Mr. Meshits had found worldwide recognition because of something that was considered embarrassing by some and embarrassing to others.

Thankfully, Mr. Meshits never had any qualms with his rather bizarre achievement. If anything, he used to joke about the abnormal fart leaving him with recurring back pains and leaving his close friends and family in stitches.

Did the man behind the world’s loudest fart get any accolades?

Since the record was established almost half a century ago, it’s quite difficult to ascertain whether or not Mr. Meshits received any accolades besides the certificate from the Guinness Book of Records. That said, Mr. Meshits got super famous, especially in his hometown and it is said he got a lot of free meals and drinks as a result. We are safe to say that the appreciation of his bizarre feat was big enough a reward compared to any accolades out there.

How loud can a human fart?

According to the experts, a normal fart sound is approximately 80 decibels of SPL (or Sound Pressure Level). Once again, the sound can vary depending on several variables. For instance, those who tend to have a large amount of gas would have loud farts that push to the north of 90 decibels of sound pressure level.

man farting

As for those who don’t have too much gas, then their farts may slip out without anyone ever noticing until the foul smell emerges seemingly out of nowhere. Another reason why your fart won’t be as loud as 80 decibels of sound pressure level is that some of the gas would be ejected from your body through burping.

In conclusion, sometimes you’ll fart loudly and sometimes your farts will sneak out stealthily as though you wore a silencer on your backside. Either way, you’re a normal human being and shouldn’t be worried by the inconsistency.

That said, farting (and burping) is normal. So, if you ever find yourself going on days without farting, then it’s usually a good thing to make an appointment with your physician because something would be very wrong with you.

Tips for trying to beat the world’s loudest fart

In case you’ve gotten to this part and feel motivated to dethrone Mr. Meshits by shuttering his half a century-old record, then I might have a few tips that would go a long way in helping you have a chance. But before you try out any of the suggestions I’m about to give you, you need to be aware of the dangers.

For starters, you might feel slight pain as a result of bloating. You might also feel slight pain on your backside when you squeeze lots of gas outside in an attempt to create gas. Now that we are on the clear, and assuming you’re still interested, let’s get to the first one:

Relax and pass technique can help you add a few decibels to your farts. First, you might want to learn a thing or two about asana. For those who don’t know, an asana is a traditional name for yoga poses. If you kneel then flatten your back with your hands stretched in front of you, then chances are that you’ll be on top of your game when it comes to releasing your farts.

man farting

If yoga poses don’t exist in your wheelhouse, then you can try and drink one too many carbonated drinks. The same goes for sparkling mineral water. Once you do that, make sure you’re rubbing your stomach gently and in a clockwise motion. While rubbing your belly gently rubbing your belly, make sure your backside is higher than your mouth (how you’ll do that is entirely up to you. Don’t shy away from letting your imagination do the trick.)

Once you feel the urge to release gas, tighten your backside and push it out with all the force you can muster. You can also use chewing gum or dairy products since they also tend to produce too much gas. Fiber-rich fruits are also another healthier option.