Yamcha VS Naruto

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Ever since the advent of the cultural zeitgeist that prominently included anime’s explosive influence over people in the western hemisphere, fans of different franchises have always tried picturing what it would be like for their favourite characters to fight characters from different titles.

The answer to this match-up would be that this versus battle would be a complete mismatch even if we give Naruto a handicap. The universe of DBZ as a whole just operates on a completely different scale when compared to Naruto. Thus, it is only a given that even Yamcha, whose track record in the anime is not the best, can still beat Naruto at his strongest in a 1v1.

Yamcha VS Naruto

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this particular match up, it’s only fair that we get to know our contenders first, what they can do, and who they are in their respective universes. Without further ado, let’s all take a look at who we’re dealing with.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki is a ninja who hails from the Hidden Leaf Village’s very own Uzumaki clan. Ever since his inception, Naruto has been possessed by the Nine-Tailed Jinchuuriki. Because of this, the young boy was shunned throughout most of his childhood.

In his youth, Naruto was actually considered to be a pretty inept ninja. He was a mischievous rascal who failed to graduate the academy thrice. This is only where his story starts however.

Through his unyielding determination and constant training, he becomes more and more adept, eventually besting the strongest of his peers in Neji and Gaara. His rapid growth is also rewarded with acknowledgment from every legendary Sannin.

As he grows older and more mature, he works harder and harder to be acknowledged by his peers and fellow people and through countless trials and ordeals, Naruto finally becomes one of the strongest ninjas of the village, even earning him the title of the Hero of the Hidden Leaf.

He serves as a pivotal member in the Great Shinobi War and succeeds in becoming the Seventh Hokage.


Yamcha is a main character in the DragonBall Manga and the anime of the same name. We also see him as a supporting character in Dragon Ball Z and Super with a few cameos in GT.

Once a desert bandit, Yamcha and Goku’s relationship wasn’t exactly cordial from the start. They have had a chance to reform it and turn it into something more positive between them and have been allies ever since. Yamcha is incredibly gifted even as a human possessing skills that can put him toe-to-toe with his fellow Z fighters.

Even when he retired since many of his peers outclassed him (namely, the Saiyans), he is always there to lend a helping hand in stopping a threat and proves to be an invaluable ally in his own right.

Who Wins?

From what we’ve seen so far, Yamcha could very well beat Naruto in any case of a 1v1. Naruto does have an edge over Yamcha by virtue of being a ninja and him opting to use guerilla tactics to wear down his opponent but Naruto was never the type to fight cowardly like that.

We’ve seen from Naruto’s fight with Sasuke that he can put out an incredibly devastating attack in his own right however, Naruto simply becomes a sitting duck once he’s exhausted his chakra. Yamcha, on the other hand, is known for his incredible stamina in extended fights.

So the final answer would be that Yamcha (Post King Kai training) can beat any version of Naruto. Naruto can only have a chance to beat Yamcha if Yamcha is in his Saiyan Saga version.

Who is Stronger: Yamcha or Goku

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Yamcha has always been one of Dragon Ball’s comic memes. Anyone who is aware of the context would know that his defeat in the hands of a mere Saibamen was what triggered his meme status. However, one of his finer moments was that time when he went against Goku and bested him in combat.

In the original Dragon Ball, Yamcha was one of the young Saiyan’s opponents. We already know that prior to this, Goku’s prowess in combat was not to be taken lightly despite his age. Be that as it may, Yamcha was still able to beat Goku with ease.

As Goku’s training progresses, Goku eventually surpasses Yamcha in strength and ability and with Yamcha’s retirement, one can speculate that this gap only continues to widen. Yamcha, in his own right, is still considered to be one of the strongest humans on Earth, but Goku’s growth has since far outclassed Yamcha’s status.

Is Yamcha a Saiyan?

Fans of the franchise have long speculated whether Yamcha is a Saiyan due to his uncanny resemblance to Goku. A simple answer to this question would be no, Yamcha is, in fact, not a Saiyan despite sharing Goku’s orange clothes, dark hair, and pale skin.